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sarah hardwick Marketing Visionary & Crowdfunding Expert

Sarah is an entrepreneur with over two decades of experience and a proven track record of raising capital for early-stage companies. She was a key player in Aptera’s success in raising over $90 million in two years, including a successful Regulation A+ crowdfunding campaign.

services Accelerate your success through crowdfunding

Tailored planning to set clear goals and outline a comprehensive roadmap for your crowdfunding campaign. Expert advice to select the most suitable platform and design reward tiers that motivate investors to pledge at various levels.

Your efforts will only be as powerful as the connection you have with the people you inspire. Identify and align with investors who share your values and channel their hopes and dreams into the success of your product, idea or movement.

Crowdfunding will not work unless it taps into a fundamental core feeling. Engage your audience in a compelling way and tell a story that builds excitement through PR, social media, influencer outreach and digital advertising.

Ensure all the elements are in place and running smoothly for a successful campaign launch. Monitor progress, troubleshoot issues, make adjustments and provide insights to optimize campaign performance.

equity crowd funders book-tablet
The 7 Step Guide to Regulation A+

Discover the insider secrets of million-dollar crowdfunding campaigns and the 3 biggest mistakes to avoid.

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